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AILA's Immigration Law and The Military (Latest Edition)
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Why is Hillary Clinton announcing that the Obama administration will sue Arizona of it’s immigration law?

Question by Dana: Why is Hillary Clinton announcing that the Obama administration will sue Arizona of it's immigration law?
I find it add that Shrillary Clinton as SoS would announce the Obama administration is going to sue Arizona over it's immigration law, Is it the job of the SoS to do that? As a side question, Isn't it nice that our own Government is going after one of our own because they are trying to enforce a law that the federal Government will not enforce?

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Answer by Texas Patriot
I find it interesting as well. maybe because more than half the country is for the law and would like to see it implemented everywhere. This is NOT going to be popular and Obama has already done enough unpopular things so he's pushing it off on Hillary. And yes, it's a sad day in this country when the President of the United States sues a state for trying to protect their citizens and this country from an invasion. Obama needs to be impeached.

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Supreme Court Upholds ‘Most Controversial Part’ of Arizona’s Immigration Law

According to the Supreme Court, Arizona police may still stop people they believe to be illegal immigrants, but cannot arrest them without a warrant. Jeffrey...

Protest against France’s immigration laws

Protest against France's immigration laws
Immigration Law
Image by looking4poetry
Paris, the 5th of April.
A protest took place in Paris (as well as in other cities of France) and gathered thousands of demonstrators against French governement's immigration law.

Several associations were altogether in this protest to denounce the latest laws that have limited and made more difficult for foreign people to become French in the last 5 years, as well as other laws easing expulsion of the country the clandestines.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

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Ohio And Immigration Law Changes

Mike Thompson and the Columbus on the Record panel look at how proposed immigration law changes will affect Ohio immigrants and businesses.

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NEW Colonial Immigration Laws: A Study of the Regulation of Immigration by the E

Immigration Law and the family: ISBN 978-157370341-3

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Supreme Court to Weigh Contentious Arizona Immigration Law

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Arizona's contentious immigration law Wednesday, with focus on so-called show-me-your-papers provisions that authori...
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Stand up against Arizona’s immigration laws poster

Stand up against Arizona's immigration laws poster
Immigration Law
Image by benchilada